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I’m getting bats in my house; why are they getting in?

It’s possible to get that one and only one bat inside a house. These types of bat encounters can happen spring through fall. These bats are not living in the house but entering from the outside, possibly around a gap in a window, a vent, a chimney, or an air conditioner. In Ohio, when the young bats are learning to fly from July to August, it’s the peak season for bats entering homes.

If one bat is spotted in your home, it’s a good idea to have an inspection done on the home to ensure no colony exists in your attic or walls. In general, if there is a colony of bats, there will be signs in the home’s attic area like bat poop on the floor or the attic’s insulation. It’s best left to an Ohio Bat Exclusion Professional to locate the likely bat problems in your home.

How do I get rid of the bats in my house?

Bat exclusion and bat removal work demand an experienced Ohio Bat Expertwith knowledge of bat habits and behavior. The Bat Exclusion process locks out bats from returning to your home. A device is used like The Bat Valve, which lets bats out of your home, but they can’t get back inside through the device.

A Bat Expert thoroughly looks at the exterior of your home and searches for big enough areas for a bat to get in. There will be areas that are the main bat entry/exit points, and one-way doors are put in these areas to let the bats inside the home exit but not reenter. This method needs to be detail-oriented as the escaping bats will fly over an entire building attempting to regain access.

This work requires the operator to reach high areas on the home and inconvenient positions to get this work finished. So it’s a meticulous and many times risky job to do a bat exclusion correctly, so a licensed bat expert like those at Bat Removal Removal Pro In Ohio would be an intelligent choice.

Bats are showing up in the winter inside my house; what’s going on?

In Ohio, the big brown bat is the most common bat that will live or hibernate inside the home’s attic. In the colder months of the year, bats go into periods of sleep and move around little, but they will not stay in one spot in the attic the entire winter. Sometimes bats move into a warmer area of the attic where they may access your living space. Many times when they get into your living quarters, they will not find their way back into the hibernation area and must be found and removed. An Ohio Licensed Bat Technician best performs a bat removal from your living quarters.

What about the cleanup of the bat dung or poop?

Bat guano or bat feces is a by-product of bats using your home for a roost. In the active feeding months for bats, one bat can shed 5-10 droppings per day. This can accumulate quickly, depending on how many bats are using the structure. The bat waste usually collects around chimneys and down the centerline of the attic area. It’s usually loosely scattered throughout the rest of the insulation.

Cleanup is a process of removing the bat waste and contaminated insulation, disinfecting the area, possibly pest control due to bat bugs, and finally replacing the soiled insulation with fresh insulation. This is also the time to add any additional insulation to increase the r-value of your home to save on future heating and cooling costs. An Ohio Bat Guano/Sanitation Pro can handle all these tasks.

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The Bat World: A Bridge To Knowledge!

Ohio Bat Control showing the right side up for bats.

A life living upside down is right-side up for bats

Ohio Bat Control and Biological Pest Control
Biological Pest Control

Among the estimated 1,232 extant bat species, bats consume nocturnal and twilight species of insects from different habitats as such forests, grasslands, agricultural landscapes, aquatic, and wetland habitats.

Ohio Bat Control and Bats disperse seeds in guano
Seed Dispersal

Seed dispersal is a major way in which animals contribute for ecosystem succession by depositing seeds from one area to another. As 50–90% of tropical trees and shrubs produce fleshy fruits adapted for consumption by vertebrates, the role played by frugivorous bats in dispersing these seeds is tremendous.

Ohio Bat Control and Bat Pollinating Plants

In addition to insect suppression through predation, some bat species primarily the two families of bats (Pteropodidae in the Old World and Phyllostomidae in the New World) play important roles in plant pollination.

Bats Health are a Biodiversity indicator species
Biodiversity Indicator Species

Bats are excellent ecological indicators of habitat quality. They have enormous potential as bioindicators to both disturbance and the existence of contaminants due to a combination of their size, mobility, longevity, taxonomic stability, observable short and long term effects, trends of populations, and their distribution around the globe.

The Flying Fox Video

Flying Fox Bats display high intelligence and show affection if raised by humans from birth. They live all over Australian subtropical rainforests. Like human babies, they need a system requiring expert care and a healthy diet. They are the largest of all the bats with wingspans up to 5′ 7″. Below is a video of a Flying Fox being rehabilitated.

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